Our process starts with you.

We listen to you. We make sure we understand your personal, financial, and professional goals. Our goal is to become your most trusted advisor.
What’s Next?
Once we know where you want to be, we can start making a roadmap. The first step here is Defining your risk.


Next, we determine your risk tolerance.

Before we can decide what investment strategy is best suited to help you meet your goals, we must determine what your Risk Score is. We use a program called Riskalyze to helps gauge the level of risk you can withstand. The program also allows us to stress test your current portfolio against different circumstances so that you are armed with as much information as possible.


We do things differently.

CMC aims to extract the most essential information from the commotion of extraneous market data. We do this by utilizing artificial intelligence and familiar engineering principles to tactically manage portfolios.

Want to learn more about how our Al works?