Our Process Video

Hindsight bias is a by-product of the human experience that can cripple your investment outlook. Learn how CMC utilizes Merlyn.AI’s genetic algorithms to analyze market conditions in this video and unleash the wizard for a more objectivity in your investment outlook!

Own The Trend Leader

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) alone isn’t enough for the complexities of modern investing, which is why CMC utilizes AlphaDroid to adapt trend information into MPT’s framework. Watch this video to learn how CMC integrates cross-disciplinary sciences to measurably improve both risk and return performance.

StormGuard Armor

It’s easy to be a saint in paradise, but what about when the rain starts? CMC turns adverse market conditions in your favor with StormGuard armor by constantly monitoring price trend, market momentum and investor sentiment. CMC turns stress about market downturns into excitement about possible gains during those periods.