Learn why your risk number is important and how to calculate it.

Riskalyze helps assess how much risk to take based on your financial goals! With your permission, we will deliver to you a personal investment policy statement once we know and assess your risk score!

Your Risk Number® is an objective, quantitative measurement of your true risk tolerance and the risk in a given portfolio. The number is calculated utilizing a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics and is a more efficient way to discuss risk in a way that makes sense to you. Understanding your Risk Number is done through understandable terms and provides a percentage of potential downside risk that you are comfortable with over a six-month period.

Once we assess your Risk Number, we can choose one of our Risk Number model portfolios to match or build a unique strategy for the client. Your Risk Number can empower you to stay the course during the short term will not allow you to lose sight of the long term.

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MoneyGuidePro® (MGP) is a sophisticated financial planning software that incorporates a design philosophy and planning approach that is centered around what is most important to you. MGP’s mission is to provide reliable, complete, and understandable plans that are easy for you to understand. Learn more by watching the MGP video.

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We believe in an investment approach that is active and tactical that helps avoid the negative consequences of a declining market as well as capture profits in bull markets.

Edgetech Analytics is a software platform that provides investment recommendations based on current market data. This platform helps take the emotion out of the investment planning process. Learn more by watching the Edgetech video.

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